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Macutec Essentials

Macutec Essentials is specifically designed to help you deal with Macular Health. This formula is precisely based on the AREDS2 clinical trial investigator’s recommendation. As part of our commitment to providing the best possible products to patients Macutec Essentials was the first product available in Australia based on the AREDS-2 outcomes. This is a major trial of over 4,000 participants, at a cost of over $200m conducted by the American National Eye Institute.

The Macutec Essentials formulation has been developed specifically as a result of this latest research. It contains the same ingredients in the same ratios recommended by the AREDS researchers. Such is our attention to detail that we have where possible sourced our ingredients from the same source as the ingredients used in the trial. So for example Macutec Essentials contains FloraGlo Lutein* to ensure the highest possible product quality.

Macutec Essentials has been developed with significant input from some of Australia's leading experts.

Macutec Essentials gives Australian consumers the ideal way to access a high quality product at an affordable price. Each bottle contains 60 softgel capsules . Essentials also features a new smaller size softgel for easier swallowing.