Dry Eye Treatment

Are your eyes:

  • Dry 
  • Itchy 
  • Stinging/ burning?

If these are the symptoms your eyes are constantly suffering from then you may have dry eyes.

Dry eye is a chronic eye condition due to insufficient tear supply or poor tear quality. Dry eyes can be confused with other conditions such as ocular allergies and infections. Although this condition cannot be cured, it can however be managed to relieve severe ocular symptoms.

Did you know ICON Eyerwear provides a dry eye assessment to establish the best course of treatment for your condition?

Book an appointment with one of our optometrists for a full dry eye workup.

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Oculus Keratograph

The Oculus keratograph is an advanced corneal topographer which helps examine:

  • The meibomian glands 
  • Non – invasive tear film breakup time and tera meniscus height 

It evaluates the lipid layer and helps the optometrist diagnose the type of dry eye and provide the most effective treatment available.

E- Eye IPL Treatment

The E- Eye is an intense pulse light (IPL) device where a series of flashes are applied under the lower eyelid. 

These flashes help by stimulating the meibomian glands in order for them to return to their normal function and reduce the effects of dry eye. 

Each session only takes a few minutes and no needles or injections are required. 

you will require 3 sessions for optimum results.

LIPIFLOW – Thermal Pulsations

The LIPIFLOW is a specialised device which applies heat and controlled pressure to the meibomian glands and remove blockages to promote a natural flow of oils in a gentle massaging sensation. 

Research studies have shown that the LIPIFLOW treatment resulted in significant improvement in oil secretions and a reduction in dry eye symptoms with minimal adverse effects to patients.