MAATI Proto OneDay Contact Lenses: Free from 'Forever Chemicals'

MAATI Proto OneDay Contact Lenses: Free from 'Forever Chemicals'

ICON Eyewear is excited to announce that we have launched our first ever exclusive brand of contact lenses. 

'Mati' is a Greek word meaning 'eye'. The brand draws inspiration from the 'evil eye' amulet that provides protection to all its wearers. ICON Eyewear has always pride itself with the excellent healthcare and services we provide. Our owners Michael and Maria Mihailidis are constantly striving for excellence and are always on top of bringing advanced technology to their practice. Maati is a result of their constant drive to provide only the best for their patients.

Did you know that most contact lenses in the market have some form of fluoropolymers, also known as forever chemicals in them? These polymers have been found to be carcinogenic, and high levels of these in your body could potentially lead to health problems. 

Maati's new Proto OneDay lenses have been certified from its manufacturers to be completely free from these 'forever chemicals'.

The Proto Oneday is our new entry level hydrogel lens, perfect for patients new to the world of soft contact lenses. The lenses are immersed in a buffered saline solution that includes hyaluronic acid to ensure a moisturising and comfortable feel.  

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